• fff782
    Value the inter-relatedness of all
  • 04b155
    Balance feminine and masculine energies
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    Collaborate and partner with others in alignment with Women of Wisdom
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    Cultivate inclusive community
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    Embody our individual gifts and wholeness
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    Midwife the Evolutionary Shift
  • Midwife the Evolutionary Shift
    Mentor strong voices as change agents for a sustainable world

Welcome to the Women of Wisdom Community!

Women of Wisdom’s Vision:

We live in a world where the feminine spirit is honored and women's contribution to society is valued and necessary for the evolution of humanity.

Women of Wisdom’s Mission:

WOW gives voice to the feminine wisdom within all, transforming personal and collective consciousness through circle leadership and community.

The Women of Wisdom Foundation, a National Women's Organization based in Seattle, has served women with The WOW Conference™ since 1993 and many other diverse and innovative programs. WOW gives voice to the feminine wisdom within all and transforms our personal and collective consciousness. WOW midwifes the evolutionary shift through a model of circle leadership creating the balance of feminine and masculine energies. The WOW Way empowers women's voices and their contributions to the world, in partnership with other like-minded individuals and organizations.

Who can participate in Women of Wisdom Programs:

Women of Wisdom hosts many programs and workshops throughout the year including an annual conference. The majority of these programs and events are for Women only to provide a venue exclusively for women. It will be noted when men are invited to attend.

All women are welcome to attend these programs, events and participate in leadership including all races, nationalities, sexual orientation, and transgender/transsexual women who present as women and are living full time as women in their day to day lives.


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Remembering …

Remembering those that have passed away
Remembering the gifts and the laughter that were shared
Remembering the thoughts, the hugs and the prayers
We remember…

For more information, please Click Here.

Women of Wisdom

Open Space

Thursday May 21st, 2015

Greenwood Library

8016 Greenwood Ave
Seattle, WA 98103

5:00 – 7:45PM Social time and finger food

5:00 – 5:30PM Come when you can to join our dynamic exploration for the 24th Annual WOW Conference. It’s okay to join us anytime during this open space process – your voice is wanted.

Wanted! Your Ideas for Conference 2016

We want the WOW Conference in 2016 to be the best year ever as we build towards our 25th anniversary in 2017.

We invite your input on the following seven topics:

  • Programming
  • Special featured events
  • Registration
  • Venue
  • Meals
  • Marketplace/Temple/Art Show
  • Marketing/Outreach/Community

We look forward to seeing you and hearing your ideas for WOW.


Call for Pamperers!

Do you have a special healing gift to share with women?

If “yes”, please consider joining Women of Wisdom for our Annual Sacred Pampering Day.

We are excited to continue this annual fundraising program for our community to be of service to women and support the Women of Wisdom Foundation. We have sold out in the past and anticipate doing so again this year. We have room for 25 practitioners who are gifted in massage, acupuncture, psychic/intuitive readings, energy healings, body work, astrology, tarot, coaching etc. What gift do you have to share for self-rejuvenation, self-compassion, and self-care that will enhance our lives? All pamperers must be women, as this is a special women-only event.

For more information, and for the application to apply, CLICK HERE.

WOW Monthly Circles

Looking for community? Join us for WOW’s Monthly Circles!

Check out our video sharing all that the Women of Wisdom Conference is about

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